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About this event:

Created by Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor Aesthetics, 155D Bilton Road, Rugby CV22 7DS
GBP 5.00

An event to help you discover the benefits of eating well and good nutrition in maintaining and improving your health and skin.

We are delighted to be hosting a Nutrition event on the 22nd of February 2018.
The event is limited to 50 places, and tickets will be £5 per head.
We have several speakers at the event….

Sarah Grant from Gut Reaction

A registered nutritional therapist and health coach, Sarah’s business Gut Reaction is fast gaining a reputation for the success of her highly personalised and dedicated approach to nutrition support.

Sarah helps her clients reach their short- and long-term health goals including feeling more energised, managing a healthy weight, clearing-up digestive issues, balancing hormones – and embedding sustainable healthy eating habits along the way.

Her mantra is “real food is at the core of gut health, and gut health is at the core of wellbeing”.

In her practice she uses state-of-the art nutri-genetic testing and digestive analysis to give her clients deeper insights into their bodies and personal nutritional requirements. But her dietary approach always comes back to achieving a happy and healthy balance – which she says is ultimately about consistently enjoying a spectrum of nourishing and ridiculously delicious real foods as the basis of our
 daily intake.

Patrick from PJ Kombucha

Patrick founded PJ Kombucha after he moved to the UK in 2015. He found it difficult to find Kombucha on the UK market at the time and couldn’t find one that lived up to the traditional beverage he was used to making in Australia.

Patrick began to produce Kombucha in the UK for his own use, for family and friends and was soon encouraged to explore it as a business. With over 4 years’ experience in Kombucha production and with a background in scientific research, he put his skills to use and explored the UK market with his special blend of teas and traditional approach to Kombucha Brewing.

The first batch of PJ Kombucha was brewed the old fashioned way, in his partners mother’s kitchen in Birmingham, using a raw, organic live culture of bacteria and yeast and with his secret blend of tea brew. He began selling at markets and was only motivated more by the overwhelmingly positive responses he received.

“I had people approaching me with the same problem that prompted me to start the business. People couldn’t find a traditionally rich Kombucha and were pleasantly surprised after trying PJ Kombucha. I think it is great when I get Americans approaching me and gasping at how good it is and comparing PJ Kombucha to one of the largest kombucha brands in the U.S., GT Kombucha”.

Just as Kombucha helps to restore and maintain a diverse internal gut ecosystem, The Black Mambas help to protect South Africa’s wildlife and habitats. The Black Mambas, are a majority female anti-poaching unit, that patrol Balule Nature Reserve, searching for poachers snares and camps. They are also committed to social upliftment and education within the community. For every bottle of PJ Kombucha sold, a portion of the profits go towards assisting The Black Mambas and the work they do. We at PJ Kombucha are proud to be supporting such dedicated women. For more information on the Black Mambas please visit

We will be serving healthy “mocktails” at the event and it will be the perfect time for you to ask any questions about our services in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

Come along its going to be a fun and informative evening.