Important aftercare instructions will be explained to you to make sure you take good care of the treated areas for the following days.

Helen Taylor Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare sheet.

Obviously you’re welcome to contact me if you need any further advice.


After your first treatment you come back 4-6 weeks later (after the healing process) to have a top-up of any colour that has faded – this is free of charge.

As you’d expect, the colour in your cosmetics will begin to fade gradually.

On average the colour will remain visible for approximately three years, although you may have particles of pigment in the skin permanently.

As the pigment heals into the skin and does not wash off, staying in the skin indefinitely, it is considered permanent.

However, many things in everyday life can cause the pigment to fade over time. Exposure to the sun or tanning booths and using some moisturisers and skin treatments all affect how long the pigment will last.

Sun protection will greatly improve the length of time the pigment will last.

To prolong colour retention I’d advise you to limit your exposure to the sun and any products which may exfoliate the treated skin. Always use a cream of at least 30SPF to protect your skin whilst swimming or sunbathing.

I recommend a colour boost approximately every 18 months to keep your results looking fresh. This involves a single visit in most cases, although you may need a top-up on this procedure within three months.

If you’ve had or are having treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and acne treatment, your skin may not retain the colour as well, so you may want colour boosts more frequently.

All lip and eye treatments include a free 2nd application between 1-3 months. This is not always necessary but may be required if the colour does not heal evenly.

There’ll be a small charge if a further top-up is needed.

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