Dermal filler – the fine art of plumping lips and filling wrinkles – has long been one of our most popular treatments. The product is safe, the effects can be seen immediately, and the benefits last for many months, so it’s a good investment, too. Here at Helen Taylor Aesthetics, we have been offering collagen fillers for several years, and our clients have always been super happy with the results of their treatment.

But collagen isn’t suitable for everyone (there are rare cases of allergy, and it’s not a vegetarian product, for example), and we do often get asked whether there’s an alternative to collagen fillers. Helen has spent a considerable amount of time training and gaining qualifications in procedures based on clients’ own blood. So now, alongside our liquid plasma facial, we are delighted to offer a new filler procedure: BIOFIL!

BIOFIL is one of the most exciting developments in aesthetics in the last five years. It is an entirely natural alternative to dermal fillers, using a plasma-based product extracted from the client’s own blood. Yes, that’s right. We can add volume to your face (think fuller lips and cheeks) and reduce your wrinkles using a natural product made with your own blood.

Plasma gel – or BIOFIL – can be made from your blood and reinjected into the areas we’re treating in a single session. BIOFIL can be used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it can also be used to treat larger areas of facial skin.

Sounds like magic? No, really it’s more like science! Helen will take a phial of your own blood and run it through a process of centrifuging and filtering to extract the platelet-rich serum. In turn, this then produces the BIOFIL gel which is can be injected under your skin to volumise, lift and rejuvenate your face, neck or hands – anywhere that has suffered volume loss and looks a bit sad and baggy! This transfer of plasma into your skin produces growth factors and collagen via your own blood. It also excludes any risk of allergic reactions, because it’s your own biological product in the first place!

While BIOFIL has the same colour and form as your own fat, it is much softer than fat and so we can use it in a far more precise and refined way than if we were simply injecting you with a fat product. What’s more, BIOFIL contains a cocktail of growth factors which promote healing and stimulate your body to produce its own collagen. This means that the results of treatment are much more durable than the effects of collagen fillers, because while an artificial collagen filler diminishes over time, BIOFIL encourages your own collagen production.

While BIOFIL will gradually absorb back into your body, after a series of treatments the effects accumulate such that we believe they may become permanent. The treatment is still very new, so we can’t be absolutely sure of this, but research and trials suggest that after 3-5 treatments a permanent result could be achieved.

Treatment Information

Using plasma gel to treat facial wrinkles/creases:

  • Plasma gel can be used for filling out larger wrinkles or creases in the skin, levelling them with the rest of the skin surface.
  • It is particularly good with dynamic wrinkles, meaning wrinkles that appear when the muscles of the face contract.

Dynamic wrinkles will, regardless of the type of injection, still occur if there are muscles contracting. For this reason, the treatment is often combined with muscle numbing injections, such as Botox.


  • You MUST be fit and healthy over the age of 18, and have realistic expectations for the result.

Persons who suffer from poor wound healing ability or who have a tendency to abnormal scar formation are not suitable for this treatment.

The procedure

  • For a BIOFIL treatment, the patient’s own blood is used. This means that a normal blood sample must first be taken. The plasma, which is the part of the blood that is not liquid, is then extracted and treated, transforming it into a gel-like mass. This is then injected into the requested area with a very thin needle… BIOFIL.


  • No sedation is needed. You will be able to drive and function normally immediately after treatment. Topical numbing can be used to help the area prior to injecting.

Side effects

  • After treatment, the treated are will be;
  • A bit swollen
  • Mild reddening
  • (bruising) may occur.

Risk of complications

  • There are no known risks connected to the use of BIOFIL.

Healing and recovery

Work may be resumed immediately after the treatment. Makeup is allowed again a few hours after the treatment.



Duration of Results

9-12 Months

Procedure Time

1.5-2 hours

Sensitivity Period

24-72 Hours

Full Recovery


Risk of


Back To Work


Results Visible In


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