Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments

Also known as:

  • Scalp follicle pigmentation
  • Scalp tattooing
  • Scalp simulation
  • Scalp stipulating
  • Hair tattooing

This hair loss treatment is suitable for men and ladies and has had astoundingly convincing results.

Balding can be caused by a variety of conditions, but what they all have in common is that they’re usually unwanted.

My scalp procedures work by using optical illusions to prevent onlookers seeing your scalp.

The scalp is dyed to the right colour, using a roller and needles, and inserting pigments into your scalp.

When it’s done, it looks like you have new hair follicles coming through. The density of the dots can be whatever you prefer.

An initial top-up is needed after 8-12 weeks, and like any procedure of its type, top-ups will be needed.

Please note that you’ll need a patch test before your treatment, and I may advise you to exfoliate your head the night before your procedure. This is straightforward and we can discuss it during your consultation.

The procedures offered include:
Full head (including top-up)
Crown and receding hair line
Crown OR receding hair line
Top ups

This is a new technology and is very popular. Previously it was done with one single needle to create the tiny follicle colour so that it looked like there was hair growth to the scalp. Obviously this was time-consuming for both the client and me!

There’s now a new technology that has 64 needles on a roller that makes the final result more even with a less painful process.

More information about this technique is available in the videos below

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