Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

What are dermal fillers?

Hyaluronic Acid is a water loving molecule, capable of binding up to a thousand times its weight in water. It works by penetrating the skin and holding onto water, allowing the skin to better retain moisture. Therefore inserting Hyaluronic acid into the skin at certain levels will not only enhance it, it will rejuvenate it.

Dermal fillers are used to plump areas of the skin, mostly well known for the lips however can also be used to give volume to your cheeks, soften eye bags, dark undereye circles, hands and also non surgical nose jobs. Let’s discuss lip fillers – (the other areas mentioned can be found under here)

Lip Fillers

There are many causes which contribute to the ageing of lips and they are similar to the generic reasons for skin ageing: sun, genetics, smoking, and irritant exposure. Unprotected exposure to cold, dry weather, wind, chronic licking of lips, cold sores and other injuries can also cause chronic dehydration and damage contributing to distortions such as wrinkiing and volume loss. As we age the premolar area also develops deep vertical wrinkles because of repetitive movements most often encouraged by smoking, drinking out of a straw, coffee mug of water bottle spout. The cumulative factors contributing to ageing most often leave our lips rough, wrinkled and less defined.

Areas that can be treated effectiively with Dermal Fillers:


  • Vermillion Border: To contour the lip Dermal filler can be injected into the white roll along the vermillion border
  • Oral Commissures: This can correct downward curvature of the mouth lengthening and lifting the corners
  • Naso labial folds: Also commonly known as nose to mouth lines can be implanted to reduce the definition caused by age
  • Perioral lines: caused by smoking or other causes of a repeated pursing the lips
  • Volumistation of the lip: to increase overall lip volume

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